Salt + Glow x the blackline by lauren

Salt + Glow x the blackline by lauren

A highlight of running the calligraphy workshops across the country has been connecting with business owners, florists & creatives' moving and shaking in their industries! I met Roxy of Salt + Glow over instagram and have become absolutely enamoured with everything about her business ethos, so I sat down with her over a product swap (Quite literally as Salt + Glow is sponsoring the Sydney Workshop) to discover what motivated her to launch Salt + Glow and what the journey has been like!

We've worked together before on my workshop in the Gold Coast and I've not only fallen in love with the ethos behind Salt + Glow but your inventiveness and ability to bring ideas to life in rapid succession! Are you able to share with the blackline community what makes Salt + Glow different to other skincare products on the market?

Salt+Glow was birthed from seeing a need for people to love on themselves. We encourage self-care. Our products and the message we communicate help people to celebrate their true worth. I also love building relationships with customers, even if it is just through social media – it helps to keep the brand real and personal. Which is something I hope to keep doing even as the business grows.

That's so true, and I love that your message of self-care flows through your product line from the hand lettering (which you do yourself!) to the carefully considered jars and marketing. Everything has been laboured over and considered so the end user feels loved. But that's not the only thing that makes you stand apart! Tell us about how you support the orphanage and what the catalyst or chain of events were that led to Salt + Glow supporting the orphanage!

I believe that success is to be shared, and who better to share it with than those who need it most. Being able to support Roslin Orphanage (Kupang, Indonesia) and its community gives a deeper purpose to the brand. The idea came at the beginning, even before any profit was made. I believed that purpose will always triumph profit, and the finance will work itself out over time, and it has.

That speaks so loudly of your generous heart and I love that principle of giving from the beginning rather than waiting to give when you feel you have the capacity to. I think it trains your heart & mind well when you start at the beginning & makes you more generous & open when your business is "successful". What has been your most memorable moment thus far in the Salt + Glow journey?

When we signed our first contract with a major client. We had some verbal and written agreements but it was all up-in-the-air until the order actually came through. That was the hallmark that this brand is taking off and going somewhere.

It's such a gamble until you have that first contract isn't it and I feel like it takes a while to process and sink in when it all pays off! Which leads to my next question, building a business is like self-inflicting growth upon your character; both in a personal and work sense. Has launching & growing Salt + Glow seen you change personally, and if so, in what ways? 

Definitely, Salt+Glow as changed me personally. It has highlighted both my weaknesses and my strengths. It’s a beautiful learning journey. It has stretched me to be more patient and gracious when things don’t go my way. For example, when deliveries from suppliers are not made on time. It is a creative outlet for me as I have always been more creative than academic. Through Salt+Glow, I can exercise my creative side with a deep & real sense of purpose.


I imagine having an altruistic purpose behind Salt + Glow helps you through creative blocks also! When creative block does hit however, where do you turn to for inspiration?

I love having me-time, especially at the beach. Immersing in nature really clears my mind and allows for only positive thoughts to come through. I also have a guilty-pleasure of scrolling through social media to find amazing accounts to draw inspiration from, so it is all ‘productive-scrolling’. I enjoy listening to Jenna Kutcher’s podcasts for business tips. Recently reading “Chapter One” by Daniel Flynn, co-founder of Thankyou, which has been so encouraging to see the hurdles they went through building their brand, which isn’t too different from the hurdles we experience here at Salt+Glow. I also have a handful of close friends to rely on when I need to unpack my thoughts during a brainstorming session. If I had to sum it up, people and nature are my main source of inspirations.

Unpacking your thoughts to your near and dear is so important when you've got to switch roles rapidly when running your own business! What aspects of running Salt+Glow do you particularly love and what have you found challenging? 

I love making products. It is therapeutic and I experience pure joy during the process because I know that each bottle or jar that I’m filling means someone is going to have very happy skin. Like I said previously, I also love building relationships with customers and clients even if it is through social media – it helps to keep the brand real and personal.

We want to keep our products as fresh as possible, so we make small batches at a time. It becomes challenging when a large order comes through and the turn over time is short. However, it is these situations that make us so grateful for our staff and the ‘volunteers’ aka. family and friends who help us out.

Goodness yes! Thank God for mums, family & friends who act as unofficial employees. We have a running joke in my family that my mum is my favourite minion so I completely relate to your gratitude! Are there processes that you've put in place to deal with these challenges?

We now have our major clients committing to a minimum monthly order. This way, we can prepare our inventory ahead of time and plan the production within that month without feeling rushed. Come Christmas season and it’ll be a whole different story! One can never over-prepare for Christmas orders.


Salt + Glow


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