Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Every year at Christmas, my schedule blows out and I end up at the shops on Christmas Eve wishing I'd been more prepared so I could share the brands I adore with the people I love. But thoughtful presents take time to create.

So this year, I've got my act together. And I'm here to help you too! The creatives & businesses that I'll be sharing with you across the month of November have built brands I personally love, vouch for and purchase from.

And if that wasn't enough, each of the brands have generously given you a helpful incentive to get organised for Christmas this year!!  

I encourage you to not just support these brands over the festive season but to visit them in their studios, see the range of their wares and talk to them about their ethos & craft; behind each of these brands is a wonderful person who embodies the spirit of their work, their ethos and their aesthetic and I'd hate for you to miss out on their magic!

So without much further ado, here are the Australian brands, creatives and businesses that I'll be supporting this Christmas.


Hayden Youlley Design

Ceramics - Hayden Youlley

It's no surprise that with a love of paper and ceramics I've fallen in love with Hayden Youlley's Paper Series. The crinkled-paper detail of the slipcast ceramics  catches light and throws shadows; transforming utilitarian items into ever-evolving, everyday artworks. I love to visit creatives in their space and Hayden's body of work can be seen in the process of creation in his Marrickville studio alongside finished product that can be purchased directly from him.

My top pick from the range for gift-giving is the personalised keep cup! With the ability to choose your own pastel / bright colours and wording, Hayden will create a cup that will have you and your loved ones saving the planet without sacrificing on style.. or their daily cup of coffee. And the keep cups of course come complete with lid and a silicon sleeve in case you like your coffee extra hot!

To help you purchase Hayden Youlley for Christmas, Hayden has kindly offered 15% off the personalised keep cups. Let Hayden know you discovered his beautiful range through the blackline by lauren at to place your order and receive your discount.

Price Point: Approximately AUD $50 + Shipping

Valid until the 1st December and discount valid for up to 3 cups per order.



Natalija the Label

Sustainable Silk Lifestyle Label - Natalija Bouropoulos

Natalija the Label fulfils so much of my wardrobe wish list that it's hard for me to stop raving about the brand; It's made from luxurious silk, can be worn in the bedroom or out and about and is sustainably, Australian made. Not to mention it's ability to make me feel like I'm living my best luxurious Italian life - adding a touch of sensuality whilst keeping the overall look clean and simple. 

To help you wake up in Natalija the Label, or your loved ones for that matter (I've already mentally made a note to gift one to myself), Sydney-based designer Natalija has kindly offered 15% off the Drapes Silk Cami in Wine using the code BLACKLINE at checkout.

Price Point: Approximately AUD $169 + Shipping (Before discount)

Valid until the 21st December and for one use per customer.




Jewellery - Tania Gnecchi

If Natalija the Label is on my wardrobe wish list, RUUSK is my must-have equivalent in my jewellery box. Designed and created in Australia by Tania, a RUUSK piece is a modern heirloom - made to last, made with love and worn with soul. I treasure my RUUSK pieces and the process of having them made with Tania knowing that one day I'll be able to pass them on to someone special in my life. And for that reason, I highly recommend RUUSK as a gift to self as well as a loved one or close friend; knowing it will be a gift that continues to give again and again.

To help you purchase RUUSK for Christmas, Tania has kindly offered $100 off RUUSK Earrings using the code BLACKLINE at the checkout if you order before the 25th November. 

Price Point: Approximately AUD $390 - $1500 + Shipping (Before Discount).

Gift Vouchers are also available.

Valid until the 25th November and discount valid once per customer.



STEVIIE Jewellery

Jewellery - Sienna

Whilst it's great to invest in heirloom pieces like RUUSK for loved ones, it is fun to have fashion earrings that can transform the outfit you've worn "a million times" simply by switching the earrings you wear with it. STEVIIE Jewellery is a small Australian brand based in South Coogee that produces fashion earrings and has become a firm favourite with fashion boutiques across Australia (In fact, I discovered Steviie in one of my favourite homewares stores, The Vignette Room). STEVIIE earrings make the perfect stocking filler / gift for your girls! And with a wide variety of styles, there is sure to be something for everyone!

My current favourites from the range are Patti Gold, Kaia, Bertie & Tully!

To help you purchase STEVIIE for Christmas, Sienna has kindly offered 20% off all earrings using the code THEBLACKLINE at the checkout before the 21st December.

Price Point: Approximately AUD $38 - $52 + Shipping (Before Discount)

Valid until the 21st December.



Grace & James

Candles - Nicole & Cat

Grace & James have become an essential in my home and studio! Hand poured in Melbourne, these candles have the ability to transport me with their Bare series deluding me into believing I'm miles away creating content in Europe or a deserted island - it's incredible what stimulating your senses can do! With 40 & 80 hour burning candles across a couple of ranges, you'll be sure to find something that appeals to your minimalist friends & your colour-loving friends (The botanical & artist series' are the perfect way to send a pop of colour!) 

And don't forget, if you want to make them super special, you can get the candles personalised with your loved ones name!

To help you purchase Grace & James for Christmas, Nicole & Cat have kindly offered 15% off your order using the code LOVELOVE15 at the checkout before the 21st December.

Price Point: Approximately AUD $24.95 - $49.95 + Shipping (Before Discount)

Valid until the 21st December.



Vaughan Baker

Everyday Goods - Melissa Norris

Long before Mel launched Vaughan Baker, I knew her as a friend with an impeccably styled home; full of beautiful items you couldn't readily find on the market. I remember on several occasions falling in love with mundane objects in her kitchen such as her cheese knives, ceramic bowls, toaster, drinking glasses or notebooks & pens. They often had a great travel story behind them and always made sharing a meal or a creative day with her even more magical.

Vaughan Baker is an extension of Mel's home and is full of incredibly crafted and considered everyday goods. With everything from salad servers, to notebooks and pens, drinking glasses or bowls, you'll be sure to find something to make your loved ones' homes feel unique and special.

My top picks from the store for gift giving are the Cheese & Butter knives, Crinkle Whiskey Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Pale Pink Glass Jug and Throws. (Essentially I want to buy the store!)

To help you purchase Vaughan Baker for Christmas, Mel has kindly offered 20% off your order using the code THEBLACKLINE20 at the checkout before the 21st December.

Price Point: Approximately AUD $9 - $219 + Shipping (Before Discount)

Valid until the 21st December.



Angus Martin Art

Art - Angus Martin

Alongside ceramics, art is one of my favourite things to invest in and collect. When I first discovered Sydney artist Angus' work on instagram, I fell in love with the energy and emotion captured in his line drawings. And then I met Angus and adored him as an artist! As testimony to his talent and character, not only have I created a custom work with Angus but several of my friends' have also and we all rave about his work and how wonderful he makes the process of purchasing art.

Using a wide variety of different mediums, from fineliner to ink and acrylic, there are lots of prints to choose from for loved ones or friends. Or if you're wanting to give someone something extra special, you can commission Angus to create a custom piece.

To help you purchase Angus Martin Art for Christmas, Angus has kindly offered 20% off his New Pieces collection using the code BLACKLINE at the checkout before the 17th December. You can opt to purchase your piece unframed or framed in a black frame. 

Price Point: Approximately AUD $80 - $210 + Shipping (Before Discount)

Valid until the 17th December.



Salt + Glow

Skincare - Roxy

Salt + Glow has become a staple in my travel bag for weekend adventures and overseas sojourns! I struggled to find products that were affordable, travelled well and ensured my skin survived plane travel before I found this brand and now walking off the plane with dried skin is a thing of the past. Salt + Glow is the perfect gift for friends who care about what goes onto their skin and having a beautiful, natural glow!

To help you purchase Salt + Glow for Christmas, Roxy has kindly offered a special gift offer. Spend $50 + and you'll be gifted a travel mini Skin Souffle. Or Spend 100+ to receive a full size Love Always Elixir Oil (I swear by this oil! I use it under my eyes and under moisturiser on plane trips!) 

Price Point: Approximately AUD $6 - $39.95 + Shipping 

Valid until the 17th December.



Joyce & Co

Homewares and Jewellery - Steph

Sometimes a store is so beautifully curated you feel like you have to have one of everything. That is exactly how I feel about Joyce and Co. The perfect curation of dreamy but practical neutral homewares and earrings, Joyce and Co is the perfect place to to purchase gifts for your friends...and gifts for yourself.

I'd give you a top picks list from the Joyce & Co store but I find that I want everything so it's impossible for me to choose! However, if pushed to it, this Bamboo Macrame Tote in Ivory and the Rattan Fan earrings are currently my favourites! Saving you on plastic if you use it for grocery shopping whilst easily working as a day back with a neutral tone outfit! And saving your ears from heavy weight earrings whilst making a statement!

To help you purchase Joyce & Co for Christmas, Steph has kindly offered 15% off your order using the code ENJOY15 at the checkout before the 17th December. 

Price Point: Approximately AUD $12 - $59 + Shipping (Before Discount)

Valid until the 17th December.



Preston & Howlett

Jewellery - Jen & Candice

Preston & Howlett holds a special space in my heart as in a former life I studied fashion design with Jen & Candice. Perth based label, Preston & Howlett embodies a perfect merge of Jen's love of architectural forms and Candice's Italian heritage & enviable ability to mix unexpected texture & colour together seamlessly. The collection features semi precious stones in unique settings in plated gold.

With a love of statement earrings, Preston & Howlett has everything from statement hoops to drop earrings. My top picks from the collection are The Grasse (Featured above left), The Cagliari & The Ravello - a set of jewellery ensured to make you feel right at home in an Italian summer.

To help you purchase Preston & Howlett for Christmas, Jen & Candice have kindly offered 20% off all orders using the code THEBLACKLINE at checkout.

Price Point: Approximately AUD $99 - $229 + Shipping (Before Discount)

Valid until the 17th December.



I hope this guide has helped you get prepped and ready for the Christmas season!

Or, as in my case, made your wish list just a little bit longer!



Nov 07, 2018

Oh I’m so glad you’re loving the guide Mikaela – and there are so many more goodies to come! xx

Lauren of the blackline
Nov 03, 2018

Yasss loving your Xmas gift guide! Loving this and im so glad you had the swipe up feature on your instastory.. I feel like an excited child opening the first day on an advent calender hehe.

Mikaelq aka Wynterbaileyh

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