Behind the Words : I'll Dance to My Own Beat

Behind the Words : I'll Dance to My Own Beat

 It's been my absolute privilege to create a brand that allows me to share my original words & host a community that lovingly connects with them. So thank you for being a part of the blackline community and for speaking back into my world through your emails, comments and messages!
Whilst I release all my quotes into the world with the hope that they meet & inspire you in whatever space and circumstance you find yourself, this series will unpack what my own rationale & inspiration was behind my words.

"I'll dance to my own beat, rather than stumble along to yours" - the blackline


This isn't a new concept. We've grown up being told not to compare ourselves with others, to 'be the best version of ourselves' and 'stick to our lane.'

But recently this idea took on new meaning for me.

 I'm not overly troubled by comparison with others. I can appreciate that someone else has a great life and things but I don't tend to be jealous of it. Growing up as one of five children, I recognised early on that I was different to my tribe and just got on with it. And I'm grateful that I don't scroll down instagram wishing I had a better... , wish I owned a....., want to trade place with...... because I can see what a hell-hole that would make it.

But I realised that I got stuck in this rut with myself - instead of comparing myself to other people I found that I was constantly comparing myself to who I envisioned myself becoming.

While I might not struggle with comparing myself to others, I do struggle with the 'achiever' in me. I'm always wanting to move forward, and tick boxes and as a result my mind has a terrible habit of being 10 steps ahead of where I am presently; impatient to make my dreams into reality NOW ...instead of making goals, working slowly towards them, and acknowledging that sometimes life will have ideas of it's own as to when they come to pass.

(Side note: Just to be clear, I'm all for comparing yourself with who you were yesterday and improving upon it so long as it doesn't descend into unforgiving madness )

This quote was written from my heart to my head - it was a declaration that I wouldn't let my dreams for the future put a negative spin on my present; or colour my enjoyment of this present moment.
This quote is a reminder to enjoy the place we're in - the beautiful beat created by what's happening around us and where our journey's taken us - without superimposing the beat of tomorrow upon it. 
Tomorrow will come. We can dance to that beat then.

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