Behind the Words : Allow Me The Grace

Behind the Words : Allow Me The Grace

It's been my absolute privilege to create a brand that allows me to share my original words & host a community that lovingly connects with them. So thank you for being a part of the blackline community and for speaking back into my world through your emails, comments and messages!
Whilst I release all my quotes into the world with the hope that they meet & inspire you in whatever space and circumstance you find yourself, this series will unpack what my own rationale & inspiration was behind my words.


"Allow me the grace to dream of the mundane as I chase the extraordinary. After all, we're all dust trying to re-form into the stars we fell from; whilst missing the soft cradle of the earth"

- the blackline


When I've been immersed in poetry, I'm sure it's abundantly clear in my quotes – and this passage was written after a period down a poetic rabbit hole.

I love that in contrast with the motivational quotes I pen, the poetry I write allows room for individual interpretation. So in explaining what this passage is about, I hope your own reading of it is not confined or changed.

I wrote this piece about the illusive quality of happiness.

We chase our dreams only to find they don't bring us completion. Instead, many of us inherit the marks of a trailblazer; becoming a leader or an inspiration to others whilst harbouring feelings of loneliness, isolation and of being misunderstood.

So this is a reminder to allow yourself, and everyone around you, room to breathe.

Grant everyone a chance to express themselves despite your reading on their life; success doesn’t always equate to happiness, wealth doesn’t make hardship dissipate, a full life doesn’t equate to fulfilment and love is more dynamic than a decision to hold another’s’ hand in life.

It's possible to have outwardly achieved extraordinary success and live an enviable life but inwardly desire what is secure, ordinary and basic; to feel included, valued and understood.

Edited by Katie Northwood

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